You desire to see change?
How much change do you desire to see?

Stay healthy and find your limits.
Push your limits.

Training and involvement in team athletics since youth has given me exceptional knowledge associated with fitness. While training with free weights and machines, I incorporate cardiovascular exercise into a daily routine.

Health and nutrition can be discussed and concluded upon by clients and the trainer, provoking insight for a specific workout, diet and routine.

Innovative thoughts with regime can be diagramed and personalized. Relative to goals, motivation and ability, influential enthusiasm will promote confidence in training with a tailored program.

Nutrition (associated with objectives) can assist in the progression of fitness desires, needs, and personal assets. Having enlightening focus and organization, stimulating clientele with customized routines, with situational motivation can help them gain utmost satisfaction.

Knowledgeable with various manners in which to deal with different body types and, educated with a variety of abdominal exercises that work in conjunction with lower-back therapy and treatment, a variety of therapeutic exercises can be suggested to reinforce the spinal structure.

And stay...

Strong Agile and Flexible with Endurance.

How to climb a mountain in life?
Take one step at a time.

After 10 years of athletics and team sports (done in conjunction with academics and employment), I lifted weights (free-weights, machines) and have done cardiovascular exercise for 15 years.

Training for a triathlon, I swim 72 - 100 pool-lengths (in a standard pool) twice each week and run 6.5 - 10 mph. 30 - 90 min. twice each week. Eager to retain safety, definition and flexibility and, knowledgeable with a variety of abdominal exercises and lower-back exercises I can suggest exercises to fortify the spinal structure. Staying agile and athletic, with desire to gain additional muscular tone and definition, I exercise daily.


Fitness Employment Goal

Work with adults on improving their fitness, inspiring safe personal exercise routine.

Key Skills

Multimedia, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal communication proficiency, talent and dexterity with presentation skills and organizational aptitude.

Team Sports and Experience

Terra Linda Pop Warner Tackle Football, 1983 - 1986.
Tight-End, Linebacker.

Terra Linda Soccer Traveling Team, 1984 - 1986.

Lucas Valley "Dixie" Youth Soccer Team, 1976 - 1984.
Fullback, Halfback.

"Little League" Baseball 1978 - 1980.

Terra Linda High School, Track and Field, 1987.
Sprints, Hurdles.

Hopewell Valley High School, Track and Field, 1988.
Sprints, Hurdles.

Lucas Valley Swim Team, 1976 - 1984.
2 Community Records, 3 Pool Records, 5 Team Records.

Gymnastics (with private instructor), 1982 - 1985.

Karate (with private instructor), 1981 - 1982.

New School Aikido, 2001 - 2010.
First Degree Blackbelt

Safety Certifications

American Red Cross - Community CPR, 06/02/01.

American Red Cross - Adult CPR, 07/14/01.

American Red Cross - Standard First Aid, 05/09/02.

Water Safety Instructor Aide Certificate, 05/20/02.

Terra Linda High School "Trojans" tackle football
Terra Linda Trojans Tackle Football
in San Rafael CA.

Terra Linda High School Track & Field,
in San Rafael CA.

Lucas Valley Swim Team
Lucas Valley Swim Team,
in San Rafael CA.

in San Rafael CA.

Santa Rosa New School Aikido
New School AIkido,
in Santa Rosa CA.

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