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Professional marketing designers make the difference.


As a perfectionist with an eye for detail, Toby Daniels offers his services as a designer and producer of eye-catching material, with innovative concepts via versatility.

Apt with media design and implementation, artistic composition, marketing and communication, he will persist until tasks are accomplished to customers' satisfaction.

How does he deal with predicaments?
With a planned and organized approach, through concentration and thoroughness, he uses objective problem analysis/solving.

What are his strengths?
His gravity, verve and assertiveness are commendable.

What is his experience with media composition?

Widespread Personal Computer and Macintosh skills.
Web page design and construction, with insight and aptitude.

Having ability with applied graphics composition and talent that relates to conception and creativity, he uses his distinctive creativity with artistic talent.

With layout design, desktop publishing, presentation and promotion experience, organizational talent, leadership ability, communication aptitude have given him appraisal with media and, commendations grant him pride.

With respect to his planned and organized approach to life, having objective problem solving and analysis, through concentration and thoroughness, gravity, verve and assertiveness, with social adeptness, he has noteworthy ability to interact with others influentially and propensity to persist until task is completed.

Apt at artistic marketing communication professional, with logical decision making and talent that relates to the composition of visual media, he feels that the greatest accomplishments are achieved while functioning best in group settings.

Toby's attention to detail and perseverance has been indispensable. We are a busy department and we really needed someone who could this kind of work.

Toby has done other organizational tasks for us over time. He always worked well with people, being extremely polite and helpful and the office loved him.

John Morrison 
California Film Institute
Director of Education

Toby Daniels was an incredible asset to our company, as a Digital Artist and a Human Resources Assistant. He brought extensive computer skills and a working background in various media industries.

Toby is a talented individual who conducts his business in a professional manner.

As a Digital Artist, Mr. Daniels was extremely helpful in the creation of our company web pages. He produced and maintained detailed artist database logs and assisted in recommending candidates as needed for both 2D projects and 3D projects, for the Human Resources Department.

Aside from his talent and professional dedication to his work, Toby is a person of fine character and a pleasure to work with.

Mrs. Suzanne Atherly
Six Foot Two Productions
Vice President, Executive Producer

On paper, Mr. Daniels shows diverse achievements that could be applied to a variety of careers, showing determination and focus on his part.

If given the opportunity in the correct environment and position, Toby would excel.

Mr. Jim Gilfether
Agilent Technologies
Human Resources Manager

With organizational talent, communication aptitude and leadership ability, Toby has a propensity to persist until task is completed.

He is a conscientious, enthusiastic, hard-working, diligent, resourceful, reliable person and I would recommend him for your needs.

Mr. Jeremy Sutton
Sutton Studios
Portrait Artist, Designer, Author

He constantly displays respect for others, humility, gratitude, and remarkable tenacity in pursuit of his goals.

Dr. Reed C. Davis
Davis Career Consulting

Toby has always been a dedicated worker, an outstanding scholar, and a very engaging gentleman.

Mr. Bill Kyle
Montana State University
International Businessman
Orser Distinguished Visiting Professor

In observing him over the years, I have learned that he is exceptionally tenacious and determined.

Mr. Michael McGinnis
Santa Rosa Junior College
Art Instructor, Exhibit Specialist

Musser Communications has engaged the services of Mr.  Daniels to consult specifically on marketing and design issues for the web.

Many of the changes you have seen in my business are the result of specific questions directed to him.

We thank Toby and have a recommendations; if you're looking for a marketing consultant, we suggest that you email Daniels Media Alliance for additional insight and composition.

Mr. Chris Musser, CEO
Musser Communications

“Versatility is one of your outstanding traits,
being that you are open to new ideas."

"Your mentality is alert, practical and analytical."

"Never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems."

"Your dreams are worth best efforts to achieve them."

"Well-directed imagination is a wonderful resource."

"It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters."

"Your enthusiasm inspires other people."

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