Improving the Thought Process



READ in a slow steady manner aloud, in small groups (at a glance - in an overt manner) and READ to oneself (in a covert manner). Consciously REPEAT specific words in a rhythm in order to create a crazy "rap" lyric, a rhyme or an echo, with PEGWORDS (substitute words).

SPELL silently and aloud. PRONOUNCE normally and the way it was spelled in the dictionary.

Link a PEGWORD to another word that reminds me of something that looks, sounds, or feels, like a unique object. Use PEGWORDS to make a CRAZY, RIDICULOUS sentence.

Use a CRAZY SENTENCE to create an EXAGGERATED, CRAZY, RIDICULOUS PICTURE that is OUT OF PROPORTION and has action in it (this can/should be done in order to retain an individual's name).

Group/List things together and make a MEMORY LIST. Use "subjects" for individual facts in each section. The (important) facts should be made from KEY WORDS (italics, highlight, bold, etc.). NUMBER the items, PRIORITIZE the key words, and place them in an order of importance. Make the list in outline form by giving it a subject area. Make branches for/from the outline (the DATA INDEXING METHOD).

CHUNK things together in small GROUPS and divide them up into sections that objects belong in. Create a memory list using the DATA INDEXING METHOD (outline form). Create a memory list, and use it quite often.

Make and use FLASH CARDS.

MARK an object by using mental pictures, thoughts and spatial orientation to create a MIND MAP.

Use VERBAL IMAGERY, VISUAL IMAGERY and CODING to understand where you are. ORGANIZE your thoughts and create a MIND MAP in areas that you are not familiar with in order to store a unique object in an appropriate place. Avoid putting it down or away without thinking. Think of... and use LANDMARKS until you become familiar with the area so that you will be able to search for the object systematically.

If I forget where I placed something, I should have a particular CODE in mind so that I can locate what I am searching for. The easiest code to use is rhymes, listening, speaking or repeating. Use a peg-word and/or make a crazy sentence.

VISUALIZE something and have it evoke the stimulus of something else. Make a unique interesting ASSOCIATION between the two unique objects and LINK them together in order to understand the facts. Create a sequential (ludicrous) MEMORY CHAIN using the DATA INDEXING METHOD. For example, when I see something that I want to remember, I should give it a mental mark that associates it with another unique, crazy object. Then I should create/use a mind map and look for it and find it in my memory.

Create/Do a routine TASK in order to remember something. For example, a person that takes pills the same time each day can reach a point where they do it habitually. MANIPULATE things and MANEUVER them physically.

Study small amounts & test yourself frequently in short sessions.

The rate of learning is increased by your total involvement. Try to use the word that you want to keep in conversation.


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