Programmed Learning:

1. Employ more than one physical sense (read, write and hear the material).
2. Repetition.
3. Active recall: judge what material you've learned & what material you need to study.

For an ESSAY: 

1. Brainstorm
2. Group items, and the words in the items by subject.
3. Label the groups and place them in the order you want to write them in (using outline form).
4. When constructing an essay, have a topic/introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
5. Proofread
6. Concentrate on content (rather than delivery).
7. Rest yourself.

For an EXAM: 

1. Number things that you are asked to do.
2. Answer the questions that you are sure of.
3. Mark the questions that you are unsure of.
4. Look at (and redo?) the test, until the class is over.

My Learning Style 

1. Attend all lectures.
2. Take extensive classroom notes.
3. Take extensive detailed textbook notes; try to compose in an outline form.
4. Combine the textbook outline/notes with the classroom notes.
5. After I read my outline numerous times, I hand the outline to a classmate, a good friend or a family member and have the person ask abundant questions about the outline.

After dealing with the material a few times, I rewrite a new outline based on the facts that I didn't retain. I keep the class outline/notes (that apply to that particular class) in my class binder until the final exam is applied or the class ends.

Hopefully, the size of each re-created outline becomes reduced if I answer the questions properly. The individual that is testing me makes small notations in the notes about what details the material I did not retain. I try to find a classmate that takes good notes in that same class and I look at their notes in order to find the/what information that I am missing. I add the information to my outline. Depending on the individual, I may ask for suggestions on the what area to study... and how.

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