After interviewing Dr. Kent Carlomagno at the
Summit Chiropractic Longevity Center in San Rafael, California,
I worked in his office and,
designed 10 brochures and a poster.

Scroll down to see the brochures and the poster I composed or,
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Brochure about the services "Summit Chiropractic Longevity Center offers".

Brochure about the services Summit Chiropractic Longevity Center offers.

Summit Chiropratic Longevity Center

Brochure about "Exposing The Cholesterol Fraud".

Summit Chiropratic Longevity Center

Brochure about " MD's Comments on Chiropractic Therapy".

Summit Chiropratic Longevity Center

Brochure "About Cold Laser Therapy".

Brochure "About Lipitor".

Brochure about "What is Neuropathy?"

Brochure about "Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy".

Brochure about "Restless Leg Syndrome: A Chiropractic Deficiency?"

Brochure about "Skin Biopsy for Small Fiber Neuropathy".

Brochure about "Whole Body Vibration".

Stability Body Ball Exercises Poster.

Stability Body Ball Exercises

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